PCT Day 141,Double Flip and a Flop with a Hop, Day 60

August 31

Mile 1055.1 to mile 1030.7, 24.4 PCT miles + 0.4 miles off-trail for a pit toilet break 24.8 miles total

PCT total: 1409.7
Running total: 1535.5
Matt let me sleep in until 0640, meaning I had nearly TEN hours of sleep!!! Holy shit did that feel amazing!

After eating breakfast and breaking down camp, we did what we have been doing for the better part of the past 4.5 months and tied up our laces and started walking. It was a beautiful morning of hiking- we walked through desert, forest, and meadows and passed by waterfalls and alpine lakes- dare I say we were actually both enjoying ourselves?! Did we still want to quit?! What should we do? All morning I was looking for a sign…

At one point we were about to pass two men coming NoBo when one said, “hey, I recognize you guys!” NOW, we have flipped and flopped and hopped and it was quite possible that we had seen this man before, but I was raking my brain for some faint memory of him and his adorable puppy, but I was coming up empty- shit, I hate when this happens! Do I pretend to remember him or am I honest and admit that I have no recollection of ever meeting him?! Before having to make that awkward decision, this man added, “I read your blog! In fact, I just caught up on Friday!”

WHAT?!!!?!!???!!!???? This might have been the coolest encounter EVER!!!!!!! I was almost star-struck to meet a stranger who follows my blog!! So. Friggin. Cool. A sign?? Maybe…
This man, Gary, was out on a day hike with his pal Reno but he is prepping for a 2021 thru-hike attempt- I’m so excited for him and cannot wait to follow along on his journey!!! Yay!!!!
Meeting Gary inspired me to keep walking- SO, thank you, Gary!!
Our morning continued through more beautiful terrain.

We took a 0.4 mile side trail to a parking lot to visit the pit toilets, filter water, and have a snack. There we met Sleeping Beauty, a 2015 thru-hiker. He told us he was jealous of us for being on-trail, and my initial response was, “we are jealous that you’re done!” What a strange thing to think and say…

A little after our break we had a climb of just under 1100 feet in just under 3 miles, and at the top we were treated to incredible views.

This flower randomly got stuck in my shoe. It reminded me of Grandma Folker’s eye shadow, though hers was a bit more blue!

We decided to enjoy lunch at the top, where again we happened to have cell service. I turned on my phone to find this message from Amy- Ahhh!!! This made my already awesome day even better!!

Through the years I feel like I have become quite jaded, but since being on-trail I have felt rejuvenated, and this proves it! Amy, thank you for sharing!

While we ate, I nervously told Matt that I still wanted to continue through the Sierra and maybe even finish the desert. Welcome to the PCT emotional rollercoaster, folks! A day after I sat sobbing by the side of a road, needing Matthew to convince me not to hitchhike to anywhere but where I was, I schemed plans and incentives to convince Matthew to stay on-trail for another 430 miles…and Matt didn’t argue it. New plan: take it step by step, day by day, and reassess at each resupply…
After lunch we climbed down the mountain and again hiked through forest and meadows.

We started hearing cowbells, which was super creepy- we could hear a bunch of bells that sounded like a million wind chimes but we couldn’t see the cows! How many other animals are out that we can’t see or hear!?? (Shhhh, I already know the answer…)

We eventually ended up seeing a ton of moo-moos! Hi babies!

The sky was beautiful as the sun was setting, but we still had a bit to go to get to our planned tent-site.

It was pitch black by the time we arrived, and it took a moment to find the tent-sites. Thankfully somebody was also camped at the site and had a headlamp on, so we were able to follow the light to the site. I filled our bottles at a creek while Matthew set up the tent, then we ate dinner and went to bed…

A dirt heart ❤️
We had less than 14 miles to go to get to our next resupply stop!!! While we originally planned for this 75 mile stretch to take 3 days, I’m glad we slowed down a bit and took the extra day to get there…
Happiness is: meeting Gary, Amy’s message, and feeling better!!!

3 thoughts on “PCT Day 141,Double Flip and a Flop with a Hop, Day 60

  1. I love reading this blog! What gorgeous pictures!!! What a sweet memory of your grandmother and my other Aunt Mary! She really rocked the blue shadow well! What a beautiful woman she was too, inside and out.
    Keep going!!!!!! XO Heidi


  2. It was my pleasure to meet the two of you! This was such a tough year to do the PCT, you both are and inspiration to the rest of the want to be hikers. Thanks for taking the time to share.


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