PCT day 87, SoBo Day 6

July 8

Zero day!!!

Us: “No zero days until Oregon!!!”
Also us: “Oh hey, Packwood! Aren’t you quite the comfy little mountain town…”

We had a lot of shit to do: figure out our double flip plans (which then changes the schedule of our resupply boxes currently sitting in Jesse’s closet!), laundry, food, figure out Matt’s broken phone, catch up on blog posts, etc. AND we just hiked four 19+ mile days in a row after coming from a whole lotta zeros- SO, the unplanned break was agreed upon.
Typical zero day: we had the hotel do our laundry. We ate. We lounged around all morning. We went to the brewery, where we met up with Shotgun and Greg. (We met Greg the day before at the creek crossing, but we had heard of him for days before! Locals had told us about a guy hiking in sandals named Greg and Shotgun told us that he hangs out with Greg on town days- so when we saw him we were like, “oh! You’re wearing sandals! You’re Greg!”
After the brewery closed we walked over to the saloon for dinner. There we met Gourmet and Scratch- two cool kids from Canada currently hiking Nobo through Washington. Our table was full of science nerds: me, the nurse. Matt, the mechanical engineer. Scratch, the pharmacist. Gourmet, the civil engineer considering nursing school, Greg, the computer engineer, and Shotgun, the…some bio-something?? I forget, but definitely science-nerdy.

Greg and Shotgun
Gourmet and Scratch
We had another good zero, but back to the trail tomorrow!

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