PCT Day 36

May 18, 2019

Zero Day!!!
Last night we fell asleep in Hiker Heaven with donkeys hee-hawing, and today we woke up wayyyy too early to roosters cockadoodledooing and ambitious hikers getting their early morning starts…grrrr
We slept in as best as we could, which wasn’t very late! Sometime after 7 Matthew got up to charge our phones, take a shower, and pick out some classy business casual loaner clothes. Just before 8 I collected our laundry and put it in the laundry line to get washed, then stepped into the shower to quickly rinse off. I had fun picking out my own fancy loaner clothes- heck, we all did!

She-Wee and Silver enjoyed some yoga on the loaner mats, while Matt and I found our boxes in the mail room and enjoyed the treats Jesse sent us! Nomnomnom

She-Wee and I brushed our hair for the first time in a longgggg time…

We arranged our resupply, then packaged and labeled boxes to send forward. Since Agua Dulce doesn’t have a post office, volunteers at Hiker Heaven bring our packages to the closest post office!

So wait, what is Hiker Heaven?? It’s literally the backyard of a local couple who have created quite the oasis for thru-hikers. They allow us to set up our tents in their backyard, but also offer cots in big tents for those that get there early enough!! They have a guest house with couches for people to just chill out, and have scheduled showings of Game Of Thrones! In addition to the mail and laundry service, they also have a charging station, sewing machines, porta potties, cold drinks for sale, showers, etc, and offer rides to town throughout the day. AND THEY HAVE PUPPIES!! (And it’s all for free! We did leave a donation, tho!)

We took advantage of the town rides to grab some breakfast in town before packing up.

When we returned from breakfast, we raced to pack everything up- Arc was picking us up to head to lunch, REI, and a hotel in Palmdale! While She-Wee, Woodpecker, Tortilla, and Silver were heading to LA for the weekend, Matt, Big Mama, and I decided to get a hotel room to escape the gross weather we were expecting- more friggin rain and wind!! Woof!!

Happiness is: umm, finding out when you buy a pasta dish from Maggianos you get to bring one home for free!! A thru-hiker’s dream!! A huge thank you to Arc’s mom and sister for selflessly driving us around all day- thank you, thank you!

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