PCT Day 7

April 19, 2019, one week down!

Rest day! After waking up feeling clean and refreshed, we set to work packing up. We picked out our food carry for the next 3 nights & prepped a food box to be sent to Idyllwild. Matt made eggs, our last hot meal for a while.

Jesse brought us to the post office & then to the Stagecoach RV Park in Julian, where we planned to spend the night.

After charging our phones in the RV park store/deli, we set up camp and relaxed for the evening. It was a super windy night- we were both surprised our tent survived! We woke up to a layer of sand covering us!

Happiness is: a cup of ice from the RV store & knowing our tent is badass and can survive what sounded like a tornado!

PS, what’s in our packs? In the order that I pack it:

Into a pack liner: sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, clothes bag (clothes: bandana, small towel, wool hat, wool gloves, rain gloves, capilene thermal layers- top & bottom, extra pair of socks, extra pair of underwear {one hiking, one sleeping…and I had my mom send me one more pair! They are light, eh?}, fleece layer.)

Stuffed next to sleeping bag, outside the pack liner: sleeping pad, rain pants, and rain coat

On top: first-aid bag, food bag, water filter stuff, puffy layer

Stuffed around everything: battery/charging wires, extra camera lense

Stuffed into pack elastic pocket: toilet paper, deuce of spades, ziplock garbage bags, tent ground sheet

Our packs are fancy and we have lots of pockets!

In the hip belt pockets: one has my wallet and toothbrush/toothpaste/floss (clean side). In the dirty side: hand sanitizer, sunscreen, body glide

Big side pocket: 2 water bottles and sun umbrella

Two small side pockets: one has 2 water bottles, the other has my buff, the tent stakes, and my tripod/camera tools

Front strap pockets (purchased from Etsy and added on, thanks Matt!): Left side either has an extra water bottle pocket OR camera holder, depending on what section we are hiking. Right: camera clip, which is holding my camera!


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