PCT Day 10

April 22, 2019

Ali Walks Far, Just Not Today!

We took our time getting up today, in no rush to start the day. Started with bananas and cuties: trail magic!

The post office didn’t open until 8, and it was going to require a 2 mile walk roundtrip. Instead of getting ready I faffed around a bit, called my mom, and then just before 9 I got a text from Matt saying, “where are you? I’ve secured a ride to the post office!”

Turns out a local man, Ray, came to offer rides to the post office all day! While Matt took the ride to the post office to get the boxes we prepped and Jesse kindly mailed us, I stayed back and packed my pack. When Matt returned, we went through our packages and tried to figure out our next food carry. I started to feel “eh,” so took a time-out to down a Gatorade. I speculated that I had gotten sick from the pretzels I had eaten at the trail magic the day before, but Matt said I was crazy and he felt perfect. Just a little later Matthew started to get that queasy feeling himself and needed a break. I finished picking out my meals for the next few days, just leaving out the peanut butter packets so Matt and I could have equal choosing rights. (Spoiler: I never ended up putting my peanut butter packets in my pack & didn’t have complete lunches for the next few days! Thank goodness for trail magic and having a generous hiking buddy!)
After we prepped our food, I took a ride with Ray back to the post office to send our extra food forward to Big Bear. I also ran into the gas station next door for bread for our peanut butter sandwich lunches for the next few days (ha) + an impulse buy of ritz cheese crackers.
When I returned to the Community Center, Matt was feeling better so we decided to head across the street to the Warner Springs School, where the athletics department made us a taco lunch for $8 each.

After lunch Matthew packed while I sat at the charging station to top off our phones and our GPS/emergency beacon before setting off for a few miles that night. BUT, just as Matt finished packing, a storm started to roll in. I talked Matt into NOT hiking in the rain, so we waited out the storm in the community center, where I kept going back and forth between leaving after the storm or waiting until the AM.

We decided to wait until the AM, just as Ray walked in with burgers!! More trail magic!! Matt enjoyed a burger. And then a double burger. While I choked down a protein shake (so much better with almond milk!) and a roll.

Caleb, Matt, Ellie and ??

Mando (Cuban Fiber) & Matt, the Jersey Boys “enjoyin some dub-ble ham-bergahs” as Mando said in his finest, fake Long Island accent

After dinner hikers gathered on the field and watched a crazy lightening storm in the distance. It was beautiful, but if you remember from post one, weather scares me! I contemplated hiding in the bathroom but waited it out instead- thankfully it was quick!

We retired early to our tent- but hard to fall asleep after an accidental zero day!(Woke up to Matthew too cold to be without a hood, too warm or lazy to put on the fleece)

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