PCT Day 132&133, Double Flip and a Flop, Day 51-52

August 22&23

Zero Days in Portland!
August 22
How nice it was to wake up warm and dry and to not have to set up or take down our shelter! We enjoyed a delicious late breakfast at Zell’s Cafe with my aunt, and then Matt and I got dropped off at REI. I was psyched that we were able to exchange my holey Injinji socks & Matt’s ripped sungloves! AND, Matthew purchased a new pair of shorts, hoping that they better protect against the chafe!
Hopefully in a town…with food.

Just before leaving REI we ran into one of the hikers we had met the day before at the fruit stand- he introduced himself as Tie-Dye. Guys! Small-trail moment! Back in the desert we had met TyeBye, a fellow San Diegan, but we had heard that there was a Tie-Dye on trail as well. People had to be careful to distinguish between the two, but we had never met Tie-Dye before until now! Unfortunately, after over 2000 linear miles, Tie-Dye was leaving the trail due to shinsplints šŸ˜¦ What a bummer!

After REI Matt & I went to check out the Breakside Brewery. While Matt enjoyed a beer or two, we did some research to figure out our next step, and then we Ubered back to my aunt’s house. Since my aunt had plans for the evening, Matt & I ordered Chinese delivery and lounged around- it was awesome.
Happiness is: relaxation.
August 23
Today is Day 133 of this journey, which means it’s actually officially our 100th day ON-TRAIL (subtracting our 33 days of Trailcation 2019.) In those 100 days we have taken 24 zero days, hiked 1349.4 miles, eaten hundreds of thousands of calories, and, as our families like to point out, we have stayed in A LOT of hotels…but we did a lot of wilderness shit, too.
Today we enjoyed yet another delicious late breakfast with my aunt, but this time at Jam on Hawthorne. My parents were super awesome and ended up treating us from across the country! Thanks, Mom and Dad!!
From there we ran a few errands before returning back to the house- Matt and I were SO content to do absolutely nothing.

For dinner Matt cooked up some Trader Joe’s pizzas while my aunt whipped up a nutrient-filled salad- it was perfect.

We went to bed looking forward to starting the next leg of this journey…stay tuned šŸ™‚

Happiness is: spending our 100th day on-trail off-trail šŸ™‚

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