PCT Day 97, SoBo Flip Day 16

July 18

Travel zero day!
We woke up and got to business collecting and packing all of our belongings that had somehow took over the entire house. Kitty distracted me for a bit…

We packed my aunt’s car and headed over to the post office to send off our resupply boxes and to send our MICROSPIKES HOME!! Yayyyy!!!!

We then raced over to the train station- our train started boarding just as we arrived!
We got our seats and started working on our Instagram and blog posts that we had fallen incredibly behind on!

The train to Olympia was quick (just under 2 hours), and Forrest (aka Madd Baker) was there waiting to drive us to Snoqualmie again- he is amazing!!! I had asked a few days before if he knew anyone who would be willing to drive us, and he offered to drive us again himself!! He’s another one that said we gave him too much $$ for the ride and refused to take more than he thought the gas cost. People are so friggin nice!!
I fell asleep on the ride there- I was so tired!! Madd Baker dropped us off at our hotel and before departing he gifted us with more homemade cookies!! Ahhh so good!!

After checking in and laying out our tent and sleeping pads that we had forgotten to dry out, we hit the Aardvark Express food truck- an apparent must-have for thru-hikers when passing through Snoqualmie Pass. We both got the curry(as we were told to by everyone!!) and it was delish!!! Slightly spicy, not too heavy, and loaded with veggies, rice, and protein. Mmmmm!

So good he was brought to tears??

They had boxes of cherries for hikers, too!

Afterwards we headed to the local brewery where Matt enjoyed a flight and a pint, and then we got some pizza that we enjoyed in bed! And of course, since it’s Washington, it rained on us…again.

Gotta carb load- back to the trail tomorrow!!!

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