PCT Day 138, Double Flip and a Flop with a Hop, Day 57

August 28

We woke up, packed up, and were out of the hotel room by 1215. We took the bus over to Sprouts Cafe for brunch- our food was so tasty and nutritious (minus the muffin we shared), that I felt SO healthy after eating!! How often does that happen?!
Our hotel room…double shower head and a jacuzzi tub directly in front of the bed.
While we were eating we found out that our bear cans had arrived to the Mellow Mountain Hostel, which meant that there was still a chance that we could meet up with Kassie and Raspberry by 3pm to head back to the trail!
BUT, we had forgotten that we had sent our bear cans full of snacks…snacks that we had just purchased again. There was definitely no room to pack more (we even had to get rid of some food!!) & we didn’t want to waste all of our food, so we decided to send our extra forward to Mammoth.
While we were fussing with our food, our friends arrived!!!!!! It was SO good to see Silver (we haven’t seen him since Tehachapi!), Woodpecker, and Arc!!!!!! We said quick hellos then let them start their town chores.
Matt took the bus to the post office while I tried desperately to fit my bear can into my pack- these next 300 miles or so are gonna suck!! Once I had everything stuffed in my pack, I went and reserved two beds for Matt & I at the hostel.
We all walked over to Poke Rok for poke bowls and sushi burritos, then did a quick stroll into Nevada before returning to California for dessert.

A USB cable belt, so resourceful!!

Matt and I shared a piece of cake in the common room of the hostel before retiring to our room. We are sharing the room with two dudes we don’t know- I hope they are cooler than our friends’ fourth wheel! The guy in the room with Arc, Silver, and Woodpecker complained to the front desk that the room smelled so bad he couldn’t sleep. Good grief!!

Back to the trail tomorrow!

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