PCT Day 96, SoBo Flip Day 15

July 17

Zero Day in Portland!!!!

We slept in as late as we could, then slowly got ready for a day of errands.
First stop: checking out Proud Mary’s, a delicious restaurant that Josh and Ryan had recommended. We feasted!! We each got a yummy savory dish and shared a friggin mind blowing hotcake.

2d stop: pie shop for Matt (for later!!)

3rd stop: Blue Star Doughnuts for Matt, he ate his doughnut, I took one to go.
4th stop: Pizza for Matt. Consumed in car.
5th stop: Trader Joe’s for resupply
6th stop: REI for new sun gloves, more bug spray, some energy chews, and to check out some pants to save us from the PNW bugs- we decided against the pants for now.
7th stop: Safeway for the rest of our resupply to get us thru the rest of Washington! (We will need to buy a few things along the way, but for the most part we are done with WA food!!)
Finallllly, after 6 hours of eating & errands, we returned home. I was exhausted and felt terrible that my aunt was so amazing and drove us around all day.
Matt was hungry, so he ordered and picked up Mediterranean dinner for us while I started organizing our resupply.
We shared some good laughs with my aunt as we ate dinner, then finished prepping our resupply stuff before going to bed. Tomorrow we head back to Seattle to start our NoBo journey!!

I loved this sign that we passed today:

Oh, and it rained today.

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