PCT Day 23!

May 5, 2019

Zero Day in Big Bear Lake!
We started the day with a delicious Israeli breakfast made by Tortilla- Matt and I didn’t mean to eat it, since we had breakfast plans for 0930, but we took a bite..and then nearly 2 servings each!!
Oops, this was last night! Late night cinnamon rolls!
Bear Chills getting his nails did before breakfast!

Our Trail Fam

Soundtrack’s vegan breakfast! So gourmet!
Columbia, Woodpecker, Bear Chills, and Soundtrack

We struggled to find an Uber or Lyft in this beautiful mountain town, so by the time we got one, Matt and I were showing up to breakfast nearly 1 hr late!! We still ended up having a nice time catching up with Adam and Captain and Charisse and Rooster (no longer 45!) Matt and I each ate our egg breakfast + toast + sides + a shared pancake + a shared slice of pie!

Adam and Captain, and Charisse and Rooster!
Between town-day chores, Matt and I chatted with fellow hikers, met with friends for drinks, then rushed to the Himalayan Restaurant for take-out before they closed- we really enjoyed our Indian food in bed! (Problem with Matt losing 10lbs and trying to gain it back? I can keep up with his eating, and I don’t need to gain 10lbs!!)

We made our own “hiker box” from leftover resupplies- hikers looking through before bringing it to the real hiker box
The real hiker box! People find all sorts of treats in these- like a thrift store , you can find anything from trash to real treasures!
Robin and Rocky

Our group grew!!

Left, front to back: Silver, Caveman, Woodpecker, Brooks. Right, front to back: Hoops, Julie, Bear Chills, Rocky, Robin

Happiness is: the camaraderie of thru hikers!!

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