PCT Day 26!

May 8, 2019

Mile 285.6 to mile 307.9, 22.3 PCT miles+ .2 to bathrooms = 22.5 miles!
Running total: 323 miles
Before going to bed last night, there was talk of doing a marathon today- the terrain wasn’t expected to be too difficult, and we were feeling ambitious! But then we realized that there were hot springs 22 miles ahead- so, new plan!!
Matt’s alarm went off around 0530, but by the time we got moving it was close to 0715- and then we stopped like 10 minutes later for water and sunscreen, so by the time we reallllly got moving it was closer to 8- one of these days we will figure out how to start early!!

Super greens – gotta get our nutrients !

The plan today, in addition to hot springs, was meeting She-Wee and Big Mama for lunch at Splinter Cabin, 13 miles ahead, because it had water and pit toilets!!!

It was another beautiful morning, both weather and scenery wise. It was crazy to walk through the different microclimates- at times we were walking on a sandy beach or over water, at times pine needles, sometimes rocks, and then back to the desert. Even though it wasn’t a tough hike, after 10 miles I was beat- lunch couldn’t come soon enough.


Snake! Not a rattler

We got to our lunch spot around 1- it was such a great site! Water, shade, and toilets around the corner!!!

We were joined by Arc, Preston/Munchies, and Posh David while we stuffed our faces.
Matt and She-Wee performed experiments to find the most efficient way to fill our bottles in the creeks- I happily offered up my dirty bottles to be used, which saved me a trip to the water to fill!

Between experiments, lunch, convo, and bathroom visits, somehow nearly 3 hours flew by!! Columbia and Watercolor showed up just as we were leaving but we couldn’t stick around- we had quite a few miles to go to make it to the springs before nightfall!

Soon after lunch we hit mile 300!! Nuts!!

The trail continued to weave around beautiful ridges with amazing views. We made it to the hot springs just before the sun started to set, where we found Yaara, Woodpecker, and Soundtrack!!!! Reunited!!

Happiness is: reunions at the clothing optional hot springs!! And trail family dinners where what we later realized in sober sunlight was covered in poison oak…

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