PCT Day 117, Double Flip and a Flop, Day 36

August 7
Mile 1911.5 to mile 1933.3 21.8 PCT miles + 0.7 miles off-trail for water breaks, 22.5 miles total
PCT miles: 1135.3
Running total: 1250.3

We were up around 0530 & out before 7(@0656!) Since the terrain was super mild today except for one gradual climb, we had talked about trying for a 30 miles today, hence the “early” start.

Upper Rosary Lake
Last night before going to bed I made the observation that my body felt good- for the first time in a LONG time I was going to bed with no aches or pains- ah, the calm before the storm…but more on that later.

We decided to take our second breakfast and to filter water at Bobby Lake, 6 miles away. On the way we stopped at a really neat ski shelter, the Maiden Peak Shelter, just to check it out.

After a brief stop to sign the log book we continued on. Although it was super mosquito-y on the way to the lake, Bobby Lake was beautiful with very few bugs except for the yellow jackets that love to chase and taunt Matthew.

We took about an hour break and started hiking again around 10ish. From Bobby Lake we had about 1100feet to gain over 4 miles, which should have been easy enough, but towards the top my left outer thigh muscles started to feel weird- it wasn’t quite painful but it felt maybe more like a sore dead-leg.
Around 1245 we stopped for lunch at Lake Charlton and omg was this lake gorgeous!!!!

Since there is a parking lot and trailhead nearby, many locals come for the day or for a few days and set up some amazing camps with hammocks and tents- I felt like I was on a deserted island & could have stayed for days! Matt took a little dip in the lake while I took a little siesta. Would you believe we let 2 hours slip by again? There goes our 30 mile day…

Before starting up again Matt filled and filtered his water, but I didn’t want to fill up water that people were actively swimming in so I opted out. I figured 1liter was okay for an easy 8 miles but guess what? It wasn’t. I forgot how hot Oregon afternoons can be AND I didn’t realize we would be walking through a few miles of a very exposed burn scar- oops! {Thanks for the sips of water, Matthew!!}

About an hour in my thigh started acting up again, and then my left shin started hurting again…a lot. It hadn’t hurt like that since mile 566! 😦
We sat down on a log for a bit and talked about our gameplan- I was definitely not up for hiking another 11 miles to get our 30 in for the day, especially since that would have us arriving no earlier than 8:45 with a fast pace, no breaks, and no aches and pains, so we decided to hike another 3.5 miles to a lake for water and camp.

We arrived to the lake around 6, soaked our feet in the lake for a bit, then set up camp. When we arrived there was a beautiful breeze and no mosquitos, but as soon as our tent was set up & we prepared dinner, the breeze died and the mosquitos started attacking. Ugh.

At one point two Forest Service Smokejumpers passed by, so I chatted with them for a bit. They had just finished putting out a small fire caused by lightening about 0.4 miles off-trail. They told me that there was a “Red Flag Warning” in the upcoming days due to expected lightening in the area- awesome.

As the night progressed more and more people showed up to camp- we haven’t camped with so many people since the desert! Matt made a comment about us being the first to arrive and he hoped not to be the last to leave in the AM…(spoiler: we were.)

Happiness is: siestas & swims,

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