PCT Day 22

May 4, 2019
Mile 246.5 to mile 266.1, Big Bear Lakes!! 19.6 miles
Running total: 281 miles
Happy Cuatro de Cinco!!

It was a very chilly morning, making it quite difficult to get moving.

Tortilla(/Yaara) exited the cabin, greeting the day with an enthusiastic, “TODAY I’M GETTING FUCKIN PANCAKES!” in her beautiful Israeli accent. That’s right, kids, today is another town day!!! But first, we had 19.6 miles to hike…

Tortilla, Kassie (who now goes by the name Big Mama, complete with a dance!), She-Wee, and Columbia were planning to hitch from mile 250 to make it to the post office before it closed at noon. Matthew and I had given up hope on making it in time for the post office so we opted for a zero day in Big Bear on Sunday, allowing us to grab our box on Monday am. We planned to get to mile 266 to hitch to town, while Woodpecker and Bear Chills had planned to get to Big Bear on Sunday.

We had wanted to get to town around 5 so we had time to hitch in the sunlight and get food in town. We set off at 0725, starting the day with a climb. We hit the highest peak of the day, at 8743 feet, then quickly dropped down to 8100, then back up above 8600. We passed a creepy, old, abandoned “private zoo” that as of last year was the home to lions, tigers, and bears that were trained for TV/movies- so sad! All that remains are the small empty cages and a “for sale” sign.

250 miles!!
Creepy zoo

We stopped around mile 256 for a quick lunch, but with less than 10 miles to go, I was anxious to get to town! We passed a few creeks and swamps, at times opting for balancing on a large fallen log surrounded by thorn bushes vs getting wet again.

Trail magic!

Thorn bushes!!

The hike today was absolutely beautiful with ever-changing scenery and greenery, and it was not terribly challenging, which was a nice change! The last 200 and 300 feet of elevation gain felt like mountains, but that’s only because it was the end of our hiking day.

By 3:30 we finally made it to mile 266.1, where we found a little trail magic – soda and lemonade! I have been craving lemonade during the hot hikes, so this was awesome! As of today, we are 10% done with the hike!!!

We caught a hitch into town, picked up a few snacks for the night and a venti frap from Starbucks, ate a quick late lunch, then Ubered to our Airbnb for the night!

This is Mike! He saw me sitting outside of the grocery store and offered me a bunch of plant-based protein bars- at first I thought he thought I was homeless, but he explained that he volunteers with Search and Rescue and recognized I was a thru- hiker!
Happiness is: Cuatro de Cinco!! Big Mama was amazing and reserved the Airbnb for us and She-Wee was awesome and made fajitas for dinner with help from Yaara! We were super stoked when Woodpecker and Bear Chills walked in- a complete surprise!! We celebrated “Cuatro de Cinco” in style- we all did laundry and showered(town day chores:/), snacked on chips and popcorn all night, drank a little tequila (shot time already??!) and stayed up wayyyy too late watching movies!! Cheers!!

Tortilla and She-Wee

Columbia, Big Mama, She-Wee, and Soundtrack
Bear Chills and Woodpecker!!
Tortillas for Tortilla!
Columbia, She-Wee, Soundtrack, Tortilla, Big Mama, Woodpecker, and Bear Chills
Berry Salad!

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