PCT Days 76-81 (day 28-33 off trail)

Trailcation 2019
June 27-July 2
Off trail miles: 24
Running total since April 13: 717.2
Yep, “here” isn’t terrible at all. Our friend Jesse graciously welcomed us into his home, giving us his bedroom and encouraging us to make ourselves at home…we did so immediately. I felt bad that his usually impeccable home looked (and smelled) as if a hiker-trash backpack exploded all over his living room (’cause it definitely didX2…), but Matthew reminded me, “he’s been to our apartment before. He knew what he was getting into!” Ha!

We spent our time in San Diego doing the things we love: eating, hiking, eating, and walking to the farmers market to eat more. We visited my pals in La Jolla (after tacos and before ocean-view cocktails), enjoyed visiting with (/eating with) our two-legged friends, met friends for s’mores at a belated summer solstice bonfire, and went to see Hook on the beach(after eating tacos…)

We also did some touristy things we had never done before, like visiting (/eating at) the Kansas City BBQ-where the bar scene in Top Gun was filmed, checking out Little Italy’s food hall, and walking near Tourist Central (/walking near Sea Port Village to get more food…) AND, we took the time to prepare boxes of food for our resupply boxes- something we meant to do back in April but…we suck.

Avis! We met 10 years ago during my post-grad volunteer year! Haven’t seen her in 9 years!
Quick sunset hike up Cowles…we actually didn’t wait for the sunset
Lunch with Katie D! One of my best from High School- she’s living the life, splitting her time between NYC and Austin, Tx! We happened to be in SD at the same time!!

Torrey Pines sunset hike with Jesse and Deanna! This time we watched the sunset.

Walmart resupply
Token REI stop! Ursacks purchased (bear proof bags for WA and OR!) And the cute coffee truck out front

We crashed a double date and joined Jesse, Deanna, Hannah, and Bryant for tacos and Hook on Coronado!

On one of our “urban hikes” we found trail magic!
Matt started talking about these tamales a week before his jaw got unwired. Breakfast at the Mission was a must!

Margaritas at Baja Betty’s

Resupply! 28 days worth of snacks…

Matt waiting for his fav drink @ the Sunday farmer’s market!
Our(/my) favorite Sunday activity: the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market! My tea lady was SHOCKED we were back from “our big adventure” and was super concerned that Matt was so thin- I assured her we were working hard on fixing that! Sidenote: we walked over 600 miles in the desert and never once got burned, and I somehow fried my chest and neck at the market!
Hillcrest puppy

Lane Field Sunday Market- this was new to us! Food trucks, live music, clothes, and goods for sale!

Bring back that loving feeling…

Snack tacos from Not Not Tacos at Little Italy’s Food Hall. Mashed potato taco sprinkled with crushed potato chips …not not a taco!

Matt made us a delicious dinner! Homemade guac and lentil and chickpea chili!! With fresh bread from the farmers market
More trail magic!?
The biggest smile I have seen in a long while! City Taco for the win!

Crowne Point bonfire- we were met with hugs and chants of “cheaters, cheaters!!!” We also met Jaqui’s dad, who is a superfan of the PCT and thus our journey. He follows Matt on Instagram! It was super cool chatting with him (and hopefully convincing him to hike it one day himself, but don’t tell your mom, Jaqui!!)

Vanilla and earl grey tea swirl from our local coffee shop…

As you can see, there was an ultimate theme to our trailcation. With a newly unwired jaw, Matt was psyched to start eating again, and I, being the supportive girlfriend that I am, offered to help him consume all of the food in San Diego county.

After his final dental appointment on July 2, we hopped on a plane to Seattle to restart our journey!

Layover fries!

It was good to be home, but adventure awaits.

One thought on “PCT Days 76-81 (day 28-33 off trail)

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you were writing an eatalogue for San Diego! Gotta try a couple of those places, now that you’ve introduced me to them. Can’t wait to read the the installment on the fog, rain, etc. that you mentioned on fb and hope that sunshine finds it way to you SOON!


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