PCT Days 50-53 (off trail 5/6/7/8)

Off trail miles running total: 13
Running total since 4/13: 602.1

June 1

Rest and recovery! And a trip to Target for me…
Trying to find a “town shirt” for Matthew!
Couldn’t resist!!
+ Another 5 miles on the treadmill + some laps around the parking lot when Matthew started feeling nauseous. Watercolor and Magic Mike happened to walk outside at that time and M.M. happened to have some zofran upstairs! Matt felt better post zofran and I chatted with Dr. Freeman, asking him for our own prescription. I felt like I was at work again, waking a doc up in the middle of the night asking for Tylenol! (Dr. Freeman reminds me a little bit of Dr Lazar!)
June 2
We escaped the hotel room to see Rocketman! Matthew sported the new shirt I got him- no more dirt, sweat, and blood stains ’til we hit trail again! And it was definitely a fitting shirt for the event!

Slowly dying of boredom. Bakersfield is hot. Nothing to do around hotel except Uber to Target. Send snacks. I mean…send help. Or do I mean snacks? I ate all of mine… 😉
June 3
A big outing today! We Ubered to Target to make some returns (I found a better Jaws shirt on Amazon!!) & took a stroll around the park.

Omg it looked like Poodle Dog Bush!! DieeeeJune 4

We picked up a rental car, moved out of our hotel, stopped by for a quick follow-up appointment with the original PA that we had consulted with (I actually really like him!), then drove down to LA. In LA we ran a few errands, picked up dinner (Mendocino Farms’ vegan Impossible Taco Salad: So. Friggin. Good!! AND an In n Out shake for Matthew!) then spent a non-eventful evening in our hotel… Tomorrow we head to NJ!

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